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About Penbrook Church of God

Penbrook Church of God (PCOG) is an intergenerational congregation in the heart of the borough of Penbrook.  PCOG was founded in 1906 and has been in continuous ministry at this point for 113 years.  It is a part of the Eastern Regional Conference (ERC) of the Churches of God, General Council (CGGC).  The CGGC began in 1825 in central Pennsylvania under the leadership of John Winebrenner, founded on the belief that the Bible was the Word of God, our infallible guide for faith and life, and the need for all persons to become Christians by a personal faith decision.  We practice three ordinances: the Lord’s Supper, believer’s baptism, and feetwashing.

Throughout the years we have been provided key leadership - pastoral and lay - to both the ERC and CGGC.  We have been heavily involved in their camping ministry, missions, women’s ministry, youth ministry, and senior life.

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