The first message for the Youth Group

This is the first message to the PCOG Youth Group. Wayne requested the PCOG web page would have a method to provide communications between the PCOG Youth Leaders and the Youth Group as well as a way for the Youth Group members to communicate with each other.

Well, we have made it happen. If you are seeing this message, you have successfully login to the PCOG Youth Online page.

As you have seen, there are 2 sections. One is for messages from the PCOG Youth Leaders to everyone in the Youth Group. The other, is for the Youth Group members to have discussions with each other on various topics.

We have trust in our youth that this communications tool will be used appropriately. But, the Church is responsible for any and all posts to our website. Therefore, both of these blogs will be monitored by Church leaders to assure the content is appropriate, has no offensive comments or any unchristian-like text. If this would become a problem, the individual or individuals involved will lose access to the page. In addition, other sanctions may be imposed.

We hope this is a useful tool and becomes part of your routine electronic activities.


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